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Unable to get console for booting from sdcard

Question asked by Shrikant Chikodikar on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by jiri-b36968

Hello ,

     I am using Vf5xxR series board. I want to boot it from sdcard. I have done following jumper setting on the board.


     In order to boot from the SD interface, the following switches must be turned ON. The

     RCON bits switches must be set ON is in the up position.

          o  [SW10] -5, 6

          o  [SW11] - 11

          o  Jumper J15 is on pins 2 and 3


At the offset of 1k i have flashed my uboot.

I have connected the board to Linux-PC  with a 9-pin RS232 cable and started mini-com.(/dev/ttyUSB0)


But I am not able to get the u-boot console.Do I am missing some jumper settings.Or i am missing some steps for sdcard boot.