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KL27 Interrupt

Question asked by Tony Wu on May 19, 2016

Dear all,


I met a strange situation regarding the KL27 chip. I had one Freedom board and one board designed by myself.


I copied the projects in SDK_2.0_FRDM_KL27Z/boards/fdmkl27z/driver_examples/gpio/input_interrupt to my project.

I only modified the input trigger pin (from PTC1 to PTD1) for both boards and LED pin (PTB18 vs PTB19). I am using

KDS 3.2 with SDK 2.0 built for this chip. The SWD tool is the freedom board on-board one.


The code works well on the Freedom board but won't get the interrupt triggered for my own board. The code will turn on the LED at the beginning and blink once the interrupt is triggered. Therefore I know the code is running once I saw the LED turned on. If I use UART to dump the message, I found out the output freeze once the input trigger happened. Could it be

interrupt vector issue?


Actually I found the same behavior for the PIT example.


Please some one in the know could give me a hand!!!

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