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BT136 bad parts / wrenched arms

Question asked by Constantine Laskov on May 20, 2016

Main: I have big number of bad parts - BT136. (every 6-th part approx.)
In my PLC design I'm using BT136 traics in package TO-220AB.

I'm use it like key in conjunction with MOC3063:


In most cases everything fine, but sometimes it doesn't close. I have 220V on terminals and gate even when I remove MOC3036 and even after I desolder C1 capacitor.

I look on two opportunities:

1. I'm damaging this devices while soldering.

2. Local supplier - company Chip'n'Dip is supplied my counterfeit parts (We already have such experience).


For the first:

I mounting BT136 in plain of PCB. In this case I drown hole in mounting base by solder: Sn63Pb37 (180...190 deg.C) and bend and solder all three legs through holes:



Like flux I'm using resinfilled isopropyl:

Solder station temperature - 370deg.C (I'm quick solderer). In the same manner I solder dsPIC30f6014 or max3232 - and all parts work good. But with BT136 i have many spoiled keys in result.

Today I re-solder 4 of 8 parts on one of my PLCs.


Could you provide some info about soldering temperature for this device. Or say what I'm doing wrong.