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KL27z SAI I2S Configuration

Question asked by Andrew DeLiso on May 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2016 by manfredschnell

Hello All,


I have the SAI driver from the KSDK v2.0 working for the KL27Z.  The problem that I have is that the SAI is configured for 2 16-bit words in stereo mode.  I only see 1 channel out on the I2S bus.  The api writes 2 words into TDR which I believe causes the first word to be overwritten.  Since the FIFO is only 1 word deep the first channel is overwritten by the second and 0x0 is transmitted in its place.


I attempted to enable the FIFO bit packing but was not successful.  Does anyone have code to enable the bit packing on the KL27z? Or do I need to loop waiting for the fifo empty flag before sending in the second word?