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Memory allocation error as we create multiple FreeRTOS tasks with Processor Expert in KSDK 1.3 for MKL25Z128

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on May 17, 2016
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My customer is beginning a new project with MKL25Z128VLH4. The IDE used is KDS 3.x, KSDK 1.3 and he is using FreeRTOS.


We both are new to FreeRTOS, so we are still facing some difficulties during this learning process.


He created two tasks of same priority level through Processor Expert. For a test, we just increment two global variables. As we debug the project, we see that Task 1 is created, but Task 2 is not. Going  in deeper debugging, we found out that Task creation function returns a memory allocation error. If we increase the tasks stacks sizes from 1024 to 2048, not even Task 1 is created.


When we decreased stacks sizes from 1024 to 512, both tasks run, but if we created the third task, this last one are not created, and returns the error I commented above.


We don't know where we went wrong.


I have attached our project for analysis.




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Marco Coelho

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Siletec Eletronica

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