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LS2085A RCW configurations for QSPI boot

Question asked by jiten patel on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by ufedor

I am working on LS2085a based custom board. I have two booting interfaces IFC NOR flash which is same as used in QDS board and other is QSPI based serial NOR flash. I am able to boot the board successfully from NOR flash. Now i want to boot my board from QSPI flash.  I want to know minimum rcw configuration changes required to boot LS2085a from QSPI flash.

I did the following changes in the existing(working) RCW which was used in IFC NOR flash in order to boot from QSPI flash.

1) changed RCW src = serial NOR

2) BOOT_LOC = Serial NOR

3) FLASH_MODE = Serial NOR (QSPI) 1 channel 24-bit Addressing

4) IFC_GRP_A_BASE = Serial NOR (QuadSPI) enabled

5) Also changed PBI data of  BOOTLOCPTRL and BOOTLOCPTRH registers to point address of u-boot image. In our case u-boot image is flashed to offset 0x10000.


Are my configurations correct or any other specific changes are required ?