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MPC5748G : Issue with e200z2

Question asked by Malek Ben on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Malek Ben

Hi All,


I am working with MPC5748G (multicore) using S32 Design Studio GCC Toolchain but with my own makefile and linker file.

I using the same "startup.S" generated when we start a new project using S32 Design Studio but added PLL, Crossbar and flash initialization before jumping to main (where e200z4b and e200z2 are started too) .

I am using iSystem winIDEA for debugging.

My issue is that the e200z2 core seems to reach its main function but there a counter in an while(1) loop that is never incremented: the core is blocked somewhere.

And I cannot not debug this core (winIDEA shows : cannot stop the ECU).

When I stop e200z4b core with debugger, e200z2 starts working correclty.

I have no issue also if I run the project with e200z4b starting routine commented.


Knowing that we are using the same project with GHS Compiler without encountering any issue.

The  PLL, Crossbar and flash initialization are the same for both projects.


What could be the possible cause of a such behavior ?