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mpc5744p with Reset Generation Module (MC_RGM).

Question asked by jaures hsieh on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Peter Vlna

mpc5744p with Reset Generation Module (MC_RGM).

i have a customer return the mpc5744p board.

the mcu always doing reset.

i check the reset by mcu self.

but i don't know why the mcu which reason to do reset?

do you have any source code to test the which reason doing reset?

likes 3.3v ovp,1.25v over voltage.

ram,flash ecc ,fccu mc33907 error.

external xtal fail...

our board use mc33907 provide 3.3v with 1.25v.

and do you have detail document for MC_RGM

i just want to check the mpc5742p with 33907 that which reason bad.

i need write 8D report to customer.

so i need analyzer which reason fail .

could you help me to program the test code?

i use trace32 ,cyclone-max debug tool.

S32 compiler and windriver