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Number of fit by soft error of T2081

Question asked by Masataka Takano on May 15, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Serguei Podiatchev

When the gate density of the semiconductor rises and a process becomes minute, it's generally learned that cosmic rays and alpha-ray influence rise.
The failure which occurs because of these are called soft error, and it'll be a temporary failure of a equipment.
Even if this failure is returned from a field, and it's analyzed, it'll be NTF(No Trouble Found).
We, a vendor of equipment has to classify a failure like these cosmic rays and the original hardware/software bugs.

I know that there is no such information in a general datasheet.
But I have got this information from a processor vender of the U.S. in the past.
I believe that there is a person who has this information in your company certainly.