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Need help in making my own 5168 board

Question asked by Rahul Satuluri on May 15, 2016



Can somebody help me with this? I am in the process of experimenting with the 5168 and am a complete newbie to the PCB design area.


I want to design my own PCB (gerbers, schematics and layout files). I am open to using any tool say PCB Artist or gEDA or TiCAD. The problem I facing is that I do not find libraries containing the JN561x chips. The Evaluation kit or the M00y modules' reference design do not seem to have been placed on this website or the support files.


Some files placed on the reference designs (DR1178) for example do not open with GC-Prevue or Express PCB or PCB Artist.


I am completely lost as to where exactly where I should start. Did any one already make the gerber files on PCB Artist using the 5168? Does the design (if anyone has made it already) also have the external antenna factored in to the design?

Where should I place the coin-cell batter on the board so that the chances of EMI reduce?


Can some urus please help?