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Error debugging KE04Z in KDS 3.2.0

Question asked by Jess Askey on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by Jess Askey

Hi there...


Im running KDS 3.2.0 under Windows 10 along with a KE04Z. My first program is to flash the Blue LED every 1 second. I have a Processor Expert project set up, debugging configured with my Device showing on USB in the Debugging config ( USB1 - OpenSDA), the FRDM is running the debug app (DEBUG-APP_Pemicro_v107.SDA - Solid Green LED ). When I Run my Debug Configuration.. I get this output...



Target has been RESET and is active.

CMD>CM D:\Freescale\KDS_v3\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_2.3.6.201602211227\win32\gdi\P&E\supportFiles_ARM\NXP\KEx\freescale_ke04z128m4_pflash.arp



;version 1.03, 06/02/2014, Copyright 2014 P&E Microcomputer Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. [ke_128k_pflash_ftmre_m0]

;device freescale, ke04z128m4, pflash

;begin_cs device=$00000000, length=$00020000, ram=$20000000

Loading programming algorithm ...

Error loading .ARP file : D:\Freescale\KDS_v3\eclipse\plugins\com.pemicro.debug.gdbjtag.pne_2.3.6.201602211227\win32\gdi\P&E\supportFiles_ARM\NXP\KEx\freescale_ke04z128m4_pflash.arp at address 1FFFF000

Error loading programming algorithm - load aborted.

Error occured during Flash programming.


However, I have verified that the .arp file above exists in the location.


Is this a permission issue since Im on a different drive? Windows 10 issue? Other issue?


Anyone have any hints?


thank you!