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RTF to PDF (currently using Ted) - cross-compiled to IMX53

Discussion created by Owen Ashurst on May 16, 2016



I'm having an issue with the open source software program, Ted. I've cross-compiled it to the IMX and I modified the makefile within the Ted directory to point towards some of the libraries I cross-compiled via the IMX compiler (which would have been something like -lXft -lpcre etc inside the makefile - I just replaced these with paths to the /lib folder from the compiled output) and to the other necessary libraries needed inside the ltib directory from the .RPM files (I copied the files inside the lib folder from each RPM that I needed and pasted them into a directory essentially making my own /usr/lib and used LDFLAGS=-Wl,-rpath-link,/home/user/libfolder inside the makefile to point to it).


Upon running ./Ted --saveTo sample.rtf sample-test.pdf inside the Ted directory on the IMX, I receive the following output;


textConverter.c(350) tc->tcNativeEncodingName="CP1252" tc->tcIconvToUtf8=0xffffffff

docRtfReadText.c(104) upto=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(358) len=20

docRtfReadRtf.c(416) len=20

docRtfReadRtf.c(723) controlWord="Dq " res=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(560) rval=-1

docRtfReadFontTable.c( 62) rrs->rrsSavedText.mbSize=0 FONTlenPANOSE=20

docRtfReadRtf.c(881) rcw->rcwWord="panose"

docRtfReadRtf.c(159) rrc->rrCurrentLine=1 rcw->rcwWord="panose" arg=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(780) res=-1 controlWord="panose"

docRtfReadRtf.c(560) rval=-1

docRtfReadFontTable.c(215) rcw->rcwWord="f" arg=0

docRtfReadRtf.c(159) rrc->rrCurrentLine=1 rcw->rcwWord="f" arg=0

docRtfReadRtf.c(780) res=-1 controlWord="f"

docRtfReadRtf.c(560) rval=-1

docRtfReadFontTable.c(304) rcw->rcwWord="fonttbl" arg=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(159) rrc->rrCurrentLine=1 rcw->rcwWord="fonttbl" arg=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(780) res=-1 controlWord="fonttbl"

docRtfReadRtf.c(560) rval=-1

docRtfRead.c( 66) rcw->rcwWord="rtf" rval=-1

docRtfReadRtf.c(159) rrc->rrCurrentLine=1 rcw->rcwWord="rtf" arg=1

docRtfRead.c(134) 1=1

Ted: "sample.rtf" File is not in Rich Text Format. Open anyway?

appDocumentFormat.c(218) 1=1

appMain.c(911) call="saveTo" argv[0]="sample.rtf" argv[1]="sample-test.pdf"

appMain.c(1101) argv[1+done]="sample.rtf" args=-1

appMain.c(1280) res=-1


Firstly, as you can see, it's saying the .rtf file I'm using is not in Rich Text Format which I know it is. Secondly, there is no .ps (postscript) file inside the /tmp directory which is created via Ted.


Any ideas?


Also, has anyone ever managed to convert RTF to PDF on Linux successfully on the IMX?


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