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FRDM-KW40Z - Setting IRQ Handler results in interrupt

Discussion created by Sam Mathews on May 13, 2016



I'm attempting to set my own interrupt handler on the FRDM-KW40Z. The problem is, as soon as I call 'INT_SYS_InstallHandler', it causes an interrupt. I've attached GDB and found it occurs on line 80 of fsl_interrupt_manager.c, which is where the vector table is modified:

__VECTOR_RAM[irqNumber + 16] = (uint32_t)handler;



This is consistent with a question I spotted from last year, which hasn't had a follow up yet.


I am also quite new to this, so I'm not sure whether I can attribute this to my lack of knowledge of the system, or a fault. My current code works off of the "hello_world" example, and can be replicated in just a few lines. I have attached a working example.


In my example code, the error occurs on line 97 of main.c.

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