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freeRTOS for imx6ul

Question asked by Raj Prakash on May 13, 2016
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I want to test freeRTOS demo code for imx6ul processor.I am using imx6ul-evk board , JTAG, IAR Embedded Workbench for my development.But i am unable to proceed with freeRTOS demo application project.I ask many question nxp community forum but no one reply directly that's why i am stuck from 2 weeks.I downloaded the code from FreeRTOS - Free RTOS Source Code Downloads, the official FreeRTOS zip file release download  and start working on the freeRTOS demo code for CORTEX_A9_RZ_R7S72100_IAR_DS-5 (suggest by NXP member in a forum discussion).Renesas r7s72100 has arm Cortex-A9 processor but in my case it is arm cortex-a7.So if you understand my problem than please give me your suggestion.