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Task Aware Debugging Not Showing Anything in KDS

Question asked by Prashant Tawde on May 12, 2016
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I am working on MK61FX512 controller with MQX as RTOS. My development environment is Kinetis Design Studio. I am running my code from DRAM memory. And I am using Segger Jlink debugger.


Issue I am facing here, whenever I am using MQX Task Aware Debugging Tools. It is not showing anything. I have TAD version


Here I have seen, my system is having around 10 tasks, when system is in Roottask(The basic one). I am able to get data for mqx_idle_task and Roottask. But when system progresses. same windows not showing anything whenever I halt debugging.


I am attaching two images for reference.


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Prashant Tawde