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another eeprom emulation thread.

Discussion created by alvaro vs on Mar 4, 2008
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hi everybody. first at all, sorry for my poor english, but i hope you can understand me.
i'm trying to use a page from flash for eeprom emulation, but i can't and i have read the posts i have found about this topic, but i have triple checked every detail and no bytes written on my flash.
i modify the .prm file for a eeprom emulation page (from 0xe000 to 0xe1ff); althought i dont use the relocate instruction. i use a "#define const" for write the right value on the security registers (NVPROT = 0xff and NVOPT = 0x7e). i have selected de FCDIV value for a166KHz flash clock.
i don't use the P&M debugger in my test code for avoid secure troubles from the debug mode. i have a code that writes a value in the first flash page, then i read that value and if it's 0xff, i blink a led in a way, and if it isn't i blink that led in another.
cause always get the "0xff value led blinking", i have try to erase the flash page before writting, but my uC resets when execute the erasing routine.
if you need more information about my tests and code, please, say it. thanks a lot.. i'm going crazy with the flash.
thanks again.

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