Sascha Ehlers

Problem with Analog Digital Converter HC908GZ32

Discussion created by Sascha Ehlers on Mar 3, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2008 by denny george
i have the hc908gz32 and want to convert some analog inputs!
i can read out it correctly.. i use no interrupts, only 1 conversion mode and the 8-Bit trunction mode..
if i only read 1 channel.. there is no problem.. but when i change the channel it doesnt work anymore?!
what can i do wrong at this point?
i only change the my variable.. ADSCR = channel;
this happens every second.. if i doesnt change "channel" there is no problem..
but when i change it, the ADRL is everytime like F7 - FF..

what must i do, to change the channel?
i tried to shut down the AD-Converter before changing.. but no effect..

sorry for my bad english..
hope anyone can help me.. thanks!