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S12XDP512 File System SDCard

Discussion created by Belloir Vincent on Mar 3, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2008 by David Payne
    Dear guys,

I'm new in the forum, so let me introduce myself.
I m an hardware ingineer in a french company.
I'm not famillar with S12X micro controller. I 'm used to design with ARM9 processor.
For A customer, I must use a S12XDP512 proc. The customer wants to interface a flash memory like SDcard, and store some log datas on it. He also wants the data to be easily red in a Windows system.

In my opinion, the SD memory can be interfaced with the S12X with the SPI bus. It want be a problem I think. But I don't know how to organize  the datas in the SD card. Doesn't somebody has already used a file system  like FAT (or another file system readable by Windows) with a S12X. I'm afraid that FAT will be to large for the MCU flash memory!!

Thanks a lot for your help.