Bill Ward

Link Error : Undefined : "namespace::classname::__vt"

Discussion created by Bill Ward on Mar 3, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2008 by Mandep Dhillon
I'm fairly new to this compiler - I'm more used to Visual Studio with error codes that can be looked up and examples of what could cause the error. Anyway, CodeWarrior has suddenly decided to give me a linker error...
Link Error : Undefined : "namespace::classname::__vt"
My concrete class is derived from an abstract base class. I'm pretty sure that I have all the right stuff in place, but the compiler clearly thinks differently. My long experience with compilers tells me that I am probably wrong and that the compiler is probably right. Unfortunately I cannot figure out what it's trying to tell me. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to start?
Thanks in advance