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Modbus TCP/IP and Interupts

Discussion created by Bostjan Gojkovic on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Mark Butcher
Hello everyone,

i am trying to implement modbus tcp/ip into the cold fire microchip. The TCP/IP part it is already done and the client connect to the server via TCP/IP and then the client request a modbus transaction. But the server "microchip" send TCP/IP ack again.

since i dont know what is wrong i am askign you guys for some help.

TCP/IP functions are like this:
SocketListen(UINT16 socket);
SocketRcv(UINT16 socket, UINT8 *data, UINT16 max_length, UINT8 time);
SocketSend(UINT16 socket, UINT8 *data, UINT16 length);
SocketCloase(UINT16 socket);

Another thing that i want to know is that if i need to make an interupt for successfully implementing Modbus TCP/IP, if so can please somebody explain or write a nexample how to  "call" an interupt?

thanks and best regards,