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68332 - What is available in source level debug ?

Question asked by Alexander Hamburger on Feb 29, 2008
I am looking for a source level debug environment for MC68332.
In the past few days my associate contacted Avocet and P&E. These two companies had debuggers in the past but are no longer supplying for 68 K processors.
I want to buy:
- the hardware interface to the 68332 Background Debugging Mode
- the driver or support software for source level debugging.
I have read freescale's application note AN1230/D, from which it seems not difficult to setup the debug mode, but I want something with source level.  That is, to set one or more break points from a window showing the source level file, single step at the source level, examine ram using variable names.
Please reply if you have any suggestions.



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Message was edited by: Alexander Hamburger  I found these two companies give debug tools.  1. WindRiver.  Supplies a backround debug mode probe. Works great but does not insert breakpoints in flash memory. If your code is in RAM you are ok. If your code is in flash, you can still program flash, erase flash, reset the micro, start and stop the micro, copy memory to your pc, and several other useful things.  2. Lauterbach.  A full debugger.