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OSJTAG activate the JTAG interface without running debugger

Question asked by Bernd Mönnicke on May 12, 2016



I use the TWR-K21F120M and the connect a debugger from iSystem for hardware trace and debugging.

When I will use the UART interface from the OSJTAG (on-board MC9S08JM60) it enables his JTAG signal to the target when the USB is connected to a host and the other debugger have problems with the JTAG interface.

Exists a solution for disabling the JTAG from OSJTAG during no debugger is connected to this?

In the hardware must the signal OUT_EN (U200 Pin15) deactivate. At the moment exists no jumper for disable the JTAG from the OSJTAG, so I have only a change with a software change or o firmware which only supports the UART device.