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Zigbee - Coordinator does not start unless the router is already up, why?

Question asked by freshmango90 on May 11, 2016

I am using Freescale Beekit. I have a coordinator that's running but using sniffer and monitoring on the Wireshark, I see that the coordinator runs and then stops running.


I'm coming up with many different reasons why, so any of your answers may help. Currently I'm measuring to see if there's a change in power consumption, but if that's not the case, any answer may help.


To duplicate:

1. Turn on coordinator with PAN ID XXXX and channel YY

2. Turn on routers with PAN ID XXXX and channel YY

3. Change the routers to PAN ID AAAA and channel BB and reset

4. Reset coordinator (keep PAN ID XXXX and channel YY)

5. Change the routers back to PAN ID XXXX and channel YY and reset

6. I don't see coordinator sending beacon request on wireshark nor do I see any device announcements of the routers

7. Reset coordinator, then all routers do device announcements.


Why? I should see device announcements in Step 6, but won't work until I reset the coordinator... Seems that it needs routers to be "looking for network" to join for the coordinator to work, and if there's no routers up, then the coordinator stops...


FYI, I've already made it to 30 discovery attempts.