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RMII in SoloX

Question asked by Alessandro Fraccaro on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Robert Lehmann

Hello everybody

We're working on a custom board derived from Sabre-SDB 6SX rev.c

Sabre has two PHYs. Since oscillators aren't physically present, their clock is provided by ENET_PHY_CLK1 that is ENET_REF_CLK_25M. ENET_REF_CLK_25M is connected to the pad ENET2_RX_CLK.

In fact we measure 50MHz.


Our custom board has one DP83848 as PHY, configured for RMII mode.

Unfortunately ENET2_RX_CLK supplies 25MHz and I don't know why.

We expect 50MHz because settings are equal to the Sabre.

Can anyone help us?