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Boot custom board from NAND flash

Question asked by maheshkumarkodanda on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by maheshkumarkodanda

Hello Community, Hello igorpadykov


1). Could you please let me know from which U-boot version & branch you took these attached files referred in below link?


Nand boot with u-boot 2013.04 on i.mx6 SOLO



could you attach imximage.cfg file also?


2). Can i directly integrate these files in U-boot version v2015.04+gitAUTOINC+5d9ffd2214-r0 in order to boot from NAND?


3). Does this nand configworks as nand driver to copy U-boot/(next stage bootloader) to NAND flash(i think which initializes iomux and clocks alone)




do we need mtd/nand driver from kernel?


NOTE: i don't want to call kernel image in next level, instead i want to load another BL.


Please put some light