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Where are MKL27Z4_registers.h/_features.h files found?

Question asked by Bob Paddock on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Alice_Yang

Where do I find these files:

    #define KL27Z4_SERIES


    /* CMSIS-style register definitions */

    #include "device/MKL27Z4/MKL27Z4.h"

    /* Extension register definitions */

    #include "device/MKL27Z4/MKL27Z4_registers.h"

    /* CPU specific feature definitions */

    #include "device/MKL27Z4/MKL27Z4_features.h"


they are referenced in fsl_devices_registers.h


Not finding them in KDS 3.2.0 tree nor the KSDK 2.0 built for the KL27  built by the online builder (it only has the MKL27Z644).