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USB Host settings on TWR-K65F180M

Question asked by Bryce Lembke on May 10, 2016

I struggled with this, so I am posting my findings to hopefully save someone else the troubles that I ran into.

I wanted to run USB Host on the TWR-K65F180M High Speed (micro-usb port). The jumper settings described in the readme.pdf, did not work for me. After much trial and error, this is what worked for me (using the usb_host_hid_mouse example).

- In usb_host_config.h, set:



- Set jumpers: J13:1-2, J16:2-3, J36:1-2, J23:1-2, J23:3-4 (ignore readme.pdf on that)

- Load project onto the twr board

- Using micro-USB OTG adapter, plug HID USB mouse into micro-USB port


If I now watch the debug port (which is enumerates using the mini-USB port to a PC), I can see "Left click" and "Right click" text show as I click the mouse.