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SDK Build Error: Gap between image space & main space

Question asked by Michael Schrag on May 9, 2016
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Android Lollipop 5.0.1

Kernel Version: 3.10.53

i.MX6 Dual Core



I have made some changes within the system server, and have built an API for use with a customer's app, but when I try and build the SDK to allow me to test the changed API in Android Studio, it fails and I get the error seen in the title (debug below).


Here is my process:

1. Made my service and respective manager.

4. Ran "make update-api"

5. Followed the directions here.

"simply build the SDK using:

$ cd ~/my-android-git

$ . build/

$ lunch sdk-eng

$ make sdk "


I received the following error text: (see attached .txt for full debug)

dex2oatd E 11001 11001 art/runtime/gc/] 0x56dde768

dex2oatd F 11001 11001 art/runtime/gc/] There's a gap between the image space and the main space

dex2oatd F 11001 11001 art/runtime/] Runtime aborting...

dex2oatd F 11001 11001 art/runtime/] (Aborting thread was not attached to runtime!)


I have tried several different "fixes" including those found at this link without any success.


What do i need to do to get my sdk?


Thanks for your help,


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