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ccs and LS1021a config commands

Question asked by Vincent Siles on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Brett Stahlman

Hi !

I'm quite new to ccs and can't find much documentation about it. I'm trying to achieve secure boot on a LS1021ATWR boards, and as explained in OTPMK and secure boot by Adrian, I'm trying to use ccs to try my configuration without burning the SRKH fuses. I'm trying to use the CMSISDAP interface.


My two main source of documentation are NXP SDK v1.9 and SECURE BOOT LS1021A-IOT BOARD


Following the first one (U-boot -> Secure boot -> .. -> Useful U-boot and CCS commands) I get:

% config cc cmsisdap
Identified CMSIS-DAP SERNUM: 20000203C5231E0638DFC1FE
Firmware version: 0203
0: CMSIS-DAP (cmsisdap) CC software ver. {0.3}

% ccs::config_server 0 10000
% ccs::config_chain {ls1020a dap sap2}
% display ccs::get_config_chain
Chain Position 0: LS1020A
Chain Position 1: DAP
Chain Position 2: SAP2

# Trying to dump RCWSR1
% ccs::display_mem 0 0x1ee0100 4 0 4
CC driver failure
% ccs::display_mem 1 0x1ee0100 4 0 4
CC driver failure
% ccs::display_mem 2 0x1ee0100 4 0 4
CC driver failure

# Trying to reset the board in debug mode
% ccs::reset_to_debug
LS1020A: Core not responding


I guess it is normal since I have a ls1021atwr board. If I try the commands from the secure boot on iot, I get


% ::ccs::config_chain {ls1021a dap sap2}
can't read "::ccs::core(ls1021a)": no such element in array


Since I pretty much don't know how to use ccs:

1) why is config_chain {ls1021a} not working ?

2) Is there a way to display the elements of ccs::core ?

3) Is there some documentation about ccs around ? I did not find any in the installer, nor on the website