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How do I extract the LS1021A SDK from the provided .rar archive file?

Question asked by stuartreynard on May 7, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by ufedor

The SDK for the LS1021A-IoT is contained in a .rar archive file (LS1021A-IoT-SDK-Yocto-1.8.rar). When I attempt to open and extract this archive file, the result is 4 separate files, ending in the .bin extension:


yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_aa.bin (approximately 1.15 GB in size)

yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_ab.bin (approximately 1.15 GB in size)

yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_ac.bin (approximately 1.15 GB in size)

yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_ad.bin (approximately 800 MB in size)


The 7zip utility can further open the file "yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_aa.bin" - it contains several other files and folders:


ls1021a-oobe (folder)

sdk_documentation (folder)







When I try to run the "install" script (from a Linux terminal), I receive an error message stating that "your ISO is incomplete". I suspect that the file "yocto-sdk1.8-20150715.iso_aa.bin" is the first piece of a larger .iso file, with the other pieces being formed by the files ending in _ab.bin, _ac.bin, and _ad.bin.


How do I merge the 4 .bin files back together in order to obtain the complete .iso image for the LS1021A-IoT SDK? Or alternatively, can you just provide me with the complete SDK for the LS1021A-IoT?