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68332 QSPI SPCR2  SPIFIE=1 WRTO=1 WREN=1 changing NEWQP and ENDQP fails

Discussion created by John Dunlap on Feb 28, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by John Dunlap
The 68332 QSPI slows considerably (factor of ~50) when changing NEWQP and ENDQP when SPIFIE=1, WREN=1, and WRTO=1.   The shift clock runs pretty fast: about 2.4 MHz with SYSCLK=14080 and SPBR=3.
Other conditions are:
Even queue entries have: CONT=0, BITSE=0, DT=0, DSCK=0,
Odd queue entries have: CONT=0,BITSE=1,DT=0,DSCK=0.
The above gets 24 bits from and A/D converter every two queue entries.
NEWQP and ENDQP always get 4 queue entries.  They start at 0 & 3 and are changed after several thousand samples to 4 & 7 then 8 & 11 and finally 12 & 15 respectively.
The QSPI runs correctly until the first change then the QSPI interrupts come very slowly, about 50 times slower while the shift clock (SCK) is weird and sporadic.
Any hints?
Regards, John