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CPU system version register (SVR) mismatch

Question asked by Christian Sielaff on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by Christian Sielaff

Hi all,


on our new Controller module where we use the QorIQ LS1 device we had a strange behavior!


After Power ON the BL starts normally and shows CPU revision LS1021A (DCFG_CCSR_SVR register is 0x87081120). But after booting our OS and then rebooting from OS/Linux the bootloader seems to be running on different CPU???... The BL shows that CPU is LS1020 and DCFG_CCSR_SVR register read is 0x87081020. We also stopped in BL CLI after reboot and manually read the register as a memory – it shows different value!


All that is OK according to documentation, but why on Earth the hard-coded CPU revision and personality is changing? Could that be, that the POR processor IO state is wrong and this is causing this weird behavior? Or simply a new silicon bug?


We realy appreciate your response.


Best regards and thank you in advance,