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Adding Processor Expert to a Beekit generated project.

Discussion created by Nathan Brandes on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2008 by CrasyCat
CPU: MC13213
CW V : 6.1

I'm in the process of adding processor expert to a Beekit generated project, so far I have:

1) Added the MCU bean to the project.
2) Disabled the generation or the PRM file in the bean.
3) Generated code
4) Renamed main function from beekit project
5) Called the renamed main function in the processor expert main function

My problem now is with two files:

IO_Map generated by PE and IoConfig from the beekit files.

The ports are defined two different ways

IO_Map uses:
#define PTAD_PTAD0                      _PTAD.Bits.PTAD0

IoConfig uses:

#define     PTAD        (*((volatile unsigned char *)(0x00)))    /* I/O port A data register */

I am not a programmer by any means (hence wanting to use PE). How can I make these two files cooperate.


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