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can someone please help me install ubuntu on my riotboard im so lost!!

Question asked by Keith kaaos on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Rita Wang

im not sure where else to turn. i have gone to every forum and i have been ignored or been treated like crap because im a newb and got a riotboard and im crazy for doing so.. anyway, i have a raspberry pi and am pretty familar with it.. and i am running linux voyager 16.04 on my host computer. I currently have just android on the riotboard but the damn thing wont pick up wifi and i should have a whole question just on that because i have the proper (purple) wifi dongle for the riotboard but when i go into the settings in android and go to turn wifi on it just turns it on but does nothing no scan no lights come on the dongle no network nothing... so that brings me to trying to get ubuntu on it.. i have tryed different appoaches yocto i dont think is for me.... but i think u boot is more up my alley.. i want to get the ubuntu uboot image to work but i cant seemn to find any step by step directions anywhere... so my question(s) can someone steer me in the right direction on where to find the right downloads and directions for the right ubuntu images.. i even had a proper image of kali..(uboot) and the riotboard wouldnt read it or something.. i swear im doing something wrong.. and its not the switches cause i got them figured out. and if someone could help with my android wifi situation that would be great... please i know im crazy and probably in the wrong place but please help!!!!