Eduard Razumovsky

USB demo on TWRK64F120M with HUB

Discussion created by Eduard Razumovsky on May 4, 2016
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Does the demo keyboard should work also with HUB ?

When connecting directly the keyboard to K64 USB port it works everything OK (can see keyboard using terminal thru UART)

Now, I have connected the K64 USB to a HUB (Microchip USB2422) and a keyboard to the HUB downstream USB port.

The USB2422 HUB have "Power_EN" ports to enable power to it's downstream ports

My problem is that there is no "Power_EN" from the HUB to its downstream ports in that case

I have tried other HOST - connected the HUB upstream port to a PC (instead of the K64) - in that case everything works great - The HUB enables power to downstream ports

What can be the difference between the K64 and the PC ?