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How to configure the vector table properly ?

Question asked by Ganesh Ramachandran on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Alice_Yang

I am designing a boot loader for MKE02z64VLD2 microcontroller in Kinetis Design Studio. I have configured the Flash Memory area as per the AN 4775 documentation (IIC Boot Loader Design on the Kinetis E series). In this document, in page number 9, I found this.

So I implemented the same for my boot loader.

Text and Interrupts.jpg

This is how my memory map looks like.

Bootloader Memory Map.jpg

But when I flashed this into my board using J link debugger, This message popped up. Semihosting process monitor job failed, Java.lang.IllegalThreadStateException .

After this failed flash job, I tried to debug a simple LED blink code, but it didn't get executed. It threw me these errors.


When I inquired about my issues to experts in this field, they said I have not configure Vector Table properly, they said

Your vector table for the bootloader (at 0x00000000) is different from the application vector table. You need to set the VTOR to point to the application vector table.



Since I am an yet to be graduated Electronics Engineering student with NULL experience in Kinetis Controllers, Kinetis Design Studio or the Boot loader itself, I don't know how to configure VTOR properly. Can Someone help me configuring the Vector Table properly ?