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About MD5 on sec2

Question asked by Marco Stornelli on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by wang dongwen
Hi all, I'm trying to write code to use the MPC8548E's security engine to calc md5 digests.

Linux kernel 2.6.10
Sec 2.x Device driver 1.6

The problem:
I can calculate correctly md5 digests using single requests, but i can't using multiple interim requests.

If I use request as DPD_MD5_LDCTX_IDGS_HASH_ULCTX I expect to have a context in the outData member of th HASH_REQ struct. At next request I put the previous outData in ctxData. This is correct ?
And what about the field outBytes and ctxBytes? Are these fields written by the driver?