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TWR-K65F180M OpenOCD

Question asked by Christie Su on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Fiona Kuang



I am using TWR-K65F180M(Rev. D) for my new project. During my initial testing, I have the following problems:

1) I installed KDS 3.2.0.

2) Then, I install he new software and select ALL to install "KSDK 2.0 Wizard" because I can't just select wizard only based on posted document.

3) Then, I use the tool on line to generate SDK for TWR-K65F180M.

4) I can't compile "Hello" world sample project successfully. But, It is OK with "rtoshello" project.

5) I can use the wizard to generate KSDK2.0 project. But, I can't debug it by using "OpenOCD". It always give me the error "OpenOCD failed with code(1)". I checked there is no K65.cfg. Is it the reason?


Please let me know how I can debug my project on TWR-K65F180M?