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iMX6 SSI with absolute value encoder

Question asked by Dirk Schäfer on May 2, 2016
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on an ATMEL G45 I use the SSI interface with an absolute value encoder. TXD is hardwired with RXC. I send 0xAAAAAAAA followed by 0xFFFFFFFF forever. The clock send out by TXD is given over RS422 to the absolute value encoder and TXC. TXD is 32bit, RXD is 16bit. So after sending 32bits 0xAAAAAAAA, there are 16bits in RXD, clocked by RXC. I than read the absolute position of the encoder.


Now I want this with the iMX6. But I am lost. The clock is controlled by the CCM. But which register to set the data to send?

And from which register reading the data coming in?

Chapter 16, AUDMUX, just explains timing and data control registers. I wired AUD4_TXD to RS422 and AUD4RXC. And AUD4RXD to a RS422-reciever. The enocder returns gray-code and just needs a clock, generated from TXD.


No OS used. To start, I would like to know how to set the data to send over TXD.


Many thanks for your help.