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LPTMR Source Clock Frequecy

Question asked by David XY Zhou on May 2, 2016
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I have TWRK60F120MUM tower board. In Low Power Timer PSR field: From manual K60P144M150SF3RM.PDF, Page 1252:

LPTMRx_PSR field descriptions (continued)


Prescaler Clock Select

Selects the clock to be used by the LPTMR prescaler/glitch filter.

NOTE: See the chip configuration details for information on the connections to these inputs.

00 Prescaler/glitch filter clock 0 selected.

01 Prescaler/glitch filter clock 1 selected.

10 Prescaler/glitch filter clock 2 selected.

11 Prescaler/glitch filter clock 3 selected.

I have hard time to find the actual source clock frequency for each of the clock selection from 00 to 11.

Can you help you to point to the location of a document that can tell me the actual frequency of the source clock selections?

Thank you,

David Zhou