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Unable to boot p2020rdb-pca,need related jtag file

Question asked by yaxi Zhang on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Eric Kang


I am using p2020rdb-pca board, I have erased the nor flash and wrote wrong image to it. Now I am unable to boot the board at all. Even the previously working uboo from nor flash,nand flash and sad card cannot be booted up.Attempts to use jtag to flash annother copy into the flash failed as the cores cannot enter debug. The asleep led is always green.I think I have corrupted the RCW settings according to the discussion Unable to boot P2041rbd .

Now I want to try using jtag instruction file to override RCW in document Targeting PA Processors.pdf. however in Code warrior 10.5 there is no related p2020 jtag file in thethe install directory.I am in great need to get one p2020rdb jtag file to try to boot up my board to its initial state.

Hope to get gelp from you all.

My email address is, and it will be so nice of you to answer me below or email me.

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