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Working with iMX6UL-EVK I2C Accelerometer/Magnetometer

Question asked by Arnaud Nelissen on Apr 30, 2016
Latest reply on May 1, 2016 by Arnaud Nelissen

Hi everyone,


I'm a bit of a noob in Embedded Linux development. I just got an iMX6UL Evaluation Kit and succeeded to build a working Yocto Project image (core-image-minimal based, with some development packages added, as evtest).


I would like to retrieve (from an user-space console for the moment) events from the FXLS8471 Accelerometer and MAG3110 Magnetometer I2C devices already populated and configured (I looked in the imx6ulevk device tree).

I then launched evtest where I could see that /dev/input/event2 and /dev/input/event3 refer respectively to the accelerometer and magnetometer, but they return no event when I read them.


I suppose that we should configure them to provide interrupts at a fixed rate, but I could not figure where I should be looking.


Could someone help me with this ?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Arnaud N. (France)