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CW 6.3 with W7 64 bits and OSBDM tool

Discussion created by Sebastian Aguirre on Apr 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Rodney McGee

Hi All,

My name is Sebastian, and I am having a problem that I´m sure is already solved.


I used to be a happy HCS08 Developer, running CW 6.3 in my old WXP 32bits PC...programming the MCU with locar third party OSBDM Tool ( that only needed LibUSB and OpenSourceBDM to be configured).


Unfortunatelly, one day my old Motherboard decided to leave me, soy I bougth a new Gigabyte one, with a quite modern Intel Chipset (Series 8 /220 series) with a i3 CPU.


My Idea was to have a dual boot, one XP 32bits and on W7 64bits.


My first problem was that the MBoard does not support Xp.. more over, it didn't recognice the SATA 3 disk. Reading and trying drivers I finally reached to install XP 32, but it si very innestable (bluescreen  almost every 2/3 hours, and problems with the USB ports (ver3!!!)


AFter this, I change my mind and decided to install a single OS... W7 64bits where everythings is supported...BUT... here starts my CW problems.


I tryed several ways, and I have success in installing, editing and compiling programs. I feel that the best choice is the Virtual PC installation...easy, clear.


The problem is with the OSBDM tool... I couldn't find the way to install it:


W7 detect the new hw, but when i show the XP drivers directory it fails... I tryed to 64 bits versions of LibUSB, but it still reject the programming tool.


I tryed to install the drivers directly in the Virtual PC, but I am not able to attach the tool (I guess that I need to have it running in W7 first).


Now, after many days (and nigths) trying, reading and searching, I am without more ideas... that's why I ask you for your help.


Thank you in advance,


PS: PLS forgive my poor English