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FXAS21002C Integrating angluar rate

Question asked by Karol Dworakowski on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by Anthony Duhamel

I'm sucessfully reading angular rate from FXAS21002C at 100Hz at FSR 250dps. At the begining I do a simple calibration ( read 100 values, sum them up, divide by 100). I substract this value from the reading and then multiply by sensitivity sepcified in datasheet, in my case it is 0.0078125dps/bit. Next step is a simple trapezoidal integration ((PastReading + AcutialReading)/2.0)0.01. When I rotate gyro by ~90deg I get about 20deg reading.


I could get proper sensitivity value by trial and error method but I think this is not the best scenario


Also I have question regarding to self-test process. Firstly I read some samples from gyro then I set ST bit in CTRL_REG1 and again read  from OUT_x_xxx?

This reading gives me const value of 8191 on all axis.