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MPC5748G Newbie question

Question asked by Bernhard Dielhenn on May 2, 2016
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I'm totaly new to Qorivva MPC5748G. I want to start with the MPC5748G Eval Kit, the S32 Design Studio and a P&E micro debugger. At first I want to get started with a bare metal application.

I started with MPC5748GRM.pdf (Reference Manual) and AN4830.pdf (App Note: Qorivva Recipes for MPC574xG).

Now I have some questions:

1. Are there any other, more general, Tutorials or Getting Started Guides to get familiar with the architecture?

2. Is there any kind of code generator or anything like that to configure e.g. gpio or clocks or any other periphery?

3. Where do I get the correct array indeces from or where is it explained? e.g.

SIUL2.IMCR[202].B.SSS = 2; /* LIN2_RX : connected to pad PC9 */


SIUL2.IMCR[961-512].R = 1U; /* TX_CLK */


Thanks in advance