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Question asked by Nadine Sueur on Apr 29, 2016
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I'm working with a FRDM-K64K board, and KDS 3.0.1 and KSDK 2.0 environment.

I have not a great experience on this environment, so the question could be

obvious for expert guys.


I need to generate a clock signal and connect it to a GPIO output on the FRDM-K64K board.

This GPIO output will be used as the XCLK signal to a device (an AFE032 Power-Line

Communications AFE), available on an external module.


I plan to use the PIT driver, configure it to the requested frequency and set up the GPIO

in the interrupt function of the PIT.


Do you think there is a better, or simplest solution to do so ?


Thanks for your help,

Best Regards