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warning C1805 on CW v4.6.2 for HCS12X

Question asked by Sten Siren on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2008 by Sten Siren
I did update my CW 4.5 to 4.6.2 and I got a lot of C1805-warnings when initializing string constants. For example the following code gives a warning on every row:
#pragma STRING_SEG __GPAGE_SEG myStrConstconst char * far const classes[MAX_CLASS] = { "OLP",                                              "ASC",                                              "Analog inputs",                                              "Remote Control",                                              "Levers",                                              "Pressures",                                              "Digital inputs",                                              "Geometry",                                              "Stability",                                              "Digital outputs",                                              "Service",                                              "PLC",                                              "Various",                                              "HiCap" };

v4.5 did not give any warnings (and it does also work fine on 4.6.2 regardless of the warnings).

The Release Notes for the 4.6.2 Compiler Patch says:


1)       Compiler issues message "WARNING C1805: Non standard conversion used." when it does not perform address conversion at initialization of constant pointers. (MTWX21086).

But what does that mean? Is there anything I can do (other than "#pragma MESSAGE DISABLE C1805" )?