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PE DMA Controller Issues

Question asked by David XY Zhou on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 8, 2016 by Alice_Yang


I have K60F120M tower board.

I have issues with ISR event callback problem and want to remove the DMA controller and regenerate through PE. But after I removed DMA controller, I couldn't put it back as the same as before. I copied back the saved version, but The order of the channels in the Property page (attached) is not Chan 0 to Chan 3.

which creates a huge problem for me after PE generated code.

All channel numbers are reassigned into a different number, e.g. DMACH1 should be DMA1_STATIC_CHANNEL_1, but it reassigned to DMA1_STATIC_CHANNEL_3 even the Channel is chan 1 in the DMA1 controller as shown above.



The green line is new code generated by PE and the red line is removed/changed from previously generated code.


How to fix it?

Thank you,

David Zhou