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Configuration steps for Ethernet Independent Mode in DPAA QorIQ Processors

Question asked by veerendranath jakkam on Apr 29, 2016
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My requirement is to implement bare board Ethernet driver for T1024RDB. As configuring all the modules in DPAA is bit complex first I am trying to use  Ethernet Independent Mode(IM) option of FMAN.  Please provide below information to proceed further...


1) Do we need to load FMAN microcode in Ethernet Independent Mode(IM).

2) What are the required modules need to be initialized to use Ethernet Independent Mode(IM).

     Do we need to initialize any modules other than mEMACs, BMI, FMAN Controller

               Ex: Frame Manager DMA, FPM.

3) if we need to initialize FMan DMA, what should be the LIODN base and offset values for ports?

4) What is the sequence and detailed instructions for initializing modules for Ethernet Independent Mode(IM).

5) What is IF_MODE register value for XFI interface mEMAC in T1024RDB.


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