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MCF5329 bring-up issue with CW V7.2

Question asked by Stefano Manni on Apr 28, 2016



I'm facing an issue while trying to bring-up an MCF5329 using CodeWarrior V7.2 and a P&E multilink USB.


Here is what I did:


  1. create a bareboard project using the wizard
  2. generate initialization code with Process Expert
  3. use the default initialization script (.cfg) and memory description script (.mem) [attached]
  4. use the default linker script [attached]
  5. compile
  6. debug


Here I get an error on memory verify after write:

Failed writing target address 0x80000500.
Expected value: 0x80007ffc
Actual value: 0x0


If I disable the "verify after write" option from debug menu it can go farther but never reach _startup() and in addition memory is all set to zero (except for reserved areas where I see 0xBA) and registers are all zero.


NOTE: If I use CodeWarrior V10.6.4 and proceed the same (basic project by wizard, etc.) I have no problems.


Do you have any idea how to solve this issue? In CW10 the debug configuration has more options than CW7 but practically they seems to me to be equal. Would you advise me on some of these?





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